Monday, December 18, 2006

Videoplayer of the day

Welcome back!

During the last decade the PC has moved past his initial use as a work machine and has slowly became an entertainment gadget. Games, music and media greatly contribute to the fun factor of the PC using experience. Consequently I chose for today to speak about my favorite video player Gom Player.

So we know what I recommend, but what makes it so good?Why do I like it so much?
Well first of all it includes all the features I appreciate in a player:
  1. the ability to read as much media file types as possible
  2. video and audio codecs included in the player (no need for extra codecs)
  3. the ability to add subtitles easily (English is not my native language so I enjoy a movie beater with a subtitle)
  4. a good and intuitive user interface (UI)
Let me explain to you why I think Gom Player outperforms my expectations on all of the above requirements:
  1. All the video files format I have tried worked flawlessly with this browser (.avi, .mpg, wmv. etc). It even plays broken .avi files so you can watch parts of the video even if the file is not complete. Another feature I like is the ability to play .flv files. FLV stands for Flash Video and basically is the extension of the clips you see at YOUTUBE and other web sites like that. I have an extension for Firefox which allows me to download this kind of files and with Gom Player I can show them later to my friends without being forced to navigate the web again and wait for the video to load.
  2. All the codecs needed for the playing of any file are included in the software you install so this only program eliminates the need need to download and install extracodecs: you just install and watch every video u want. Although I had no problem with the default codecs,in the eventuality of an unknown codec in a file, the software will ask your permission to check the codec on the web and it will download the required codec.
  3. It is my opninion subtitles are an important aspect for video palyers and most of the software makers tend to ignore, or not to focus on this aspect of movie watching. The easiness of subtitle adding in Gom Player is as important as all the other features. By performing a simple drag and drop you can add the subtitle file in the eventuality a subtitle was not loaded by default. Of course you have a lot of other functions for the subtitle so you can add delays, change fonts, size, position etc.
  4. Well the UI is a true eye-candy. The buttons all look so nice and everything is where it should be. Of course there are keyboard shortcuts and you can customize them; you can even customize mouse click actions and pretty much everything is customizable.
My recomendation for a Video Player: GOM PLAYER (BTW is free).
Install it and I am sure you won't be disappointed.

For those of you who may not like Gom Player I also recomend the other alternatives:
- VLC player - a great player almost as good as Gom
- BSplayer - good player with a lot of functions but it needs some improvements

For download visit:


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Blogger HaRT said...

Try mplayer in combination with total commander (start menu or button bar in TC)

12:09 PM  

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